The Creative Enterprise Programme (CEP) is seeking talented workshop associates based in Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia with experience in learning facilitation, creative enterprise, creative hubs and the wider creative economy to join a global cohort of Creative Enterprise Programme Workshop Associates. 

For nearly ten years, Nesta and the British Council have been working in partnership to deliver the Creative Enterprise Programme. Developed from the Creative Enterprise Toolkit, the programme’s core offer is a three-day capacity-building workshop to support creative and social entrepreneurs in establishing and growing their businesses.

The British Council have plans to further strengthen their strategic focus on creative entrepreneurs, creative enterprises and sustainable creative industries. To do this, we want to invest in workshop associates. The aim is to recruit a small team of workshop associates who will: 

■be trained to facilitate the Creative Enterprise Programme workshops in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya with the British Council and Nesta

■provide localised examples within the core workshop content

■collaborate with the British Council to enable longer-term engagements with the Creative Enterprise Programme participants and record impact stories, and 

■build strong networks and communities around the British Council, the Creative Enterprise Programme and within the local creative economy. 

We already have teams of workshop associates based in Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, and the UK. 


We are seeking 7 talented workshop facilitators - 2 in Sudan, 2 in Ethiopia, 3 in Kenya - who have a strong track record of engaging with entrepreneurial creative, social and startup businesses. These 7 workshop facilitators will work potentially across the East Africa region and with the existing Uganda-based associates. 

The workshop facilitators may be independent sole-traders or be employed through a creative hub or learning organisation.


The Role

  • Facilitate multi-day workshops with groups of up to 25 creative entrepreneurs 
  • Deliver the Creative Enterprise Programme workshop as prescribed to set learning goals and standards
  • Through the workshops and other activities, support the learning journey of individual creative entrepreneurs
  • Capture learning insights and report back to the British Council and Nesta and share with the global cohort of Creative Enterprise Programme Workshop Associates 
  • Collaborate with the British Council and Nesta teams to ensure quality and consistency of delivery in accordance with operational guidelines
  • Be an advocate for the methodology of the Creative Enterprise Programme  and the Creative Enterprise Toolkit
  • Commit regular meetings with Nesta, British Council, fellow East Africa Arts workshop associates, and key stakeholders
  • Where possible, support with further development of participants and help grow the community of practice for creative entrepreneurs, with the support of the British Council and Nesta.

The Ideal Candidate Will

  • be confident leading and facilitating multi-day workshops and have an engaging and adaptable facilitation style 
  • be able to deliver an intensive workshop to a high standard over a sustained period
  • be confident in presenting and using design-led techniques and business innovation tools 
  • be able to communicate complex concepts in a succinct and meaningful way
  • be able to deliver workshops in both English and where appropriate bilingual candidates are desirable e.g Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • be able to build rapport and trust with participants
  • be a creative practitioner or have first-hand experience of either setting up or running their own enterprise and be in a good position to share their in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by creative startups 
  • possess good time management skills, and be organised and solutions-focused
  • have a willingness to travel, where necessary
  • be a champion for the creative industries in your region and know of support, advice and networks that can help creative entrepreneurs contribute to the wider creative economy.

How to apply:

Please apply for the role in English and by providing the following in a Dropbox or WeTransfer (or what is most common where you are): 

  • Your résumé 
  • A short cover letter (no more than 500 words)
  • A short video (* optional see instructions below)

Please email your resume and cover letter to and if you are submitting a 1-2 minute video application include a link to your Dropbox or WeTransfer (or what is most common where you are) before midnight on Sunday 14 July.

The video 

In 1-2 minutes, tell us about a creative enterprise from your region that you are excited about and why you think the business model is interesting. 

The role of workshop facilitator requires an engaging and articulate presentation style. Your video can be recorded as a selfie, or with a friend holding the mobile phone, or speak into a recording webcam. The filming or quality of the video will not be taken into account - we just want to be able to visualise your presentation style in the Creative Enterprise Programme workshop. 

 Important dates: Deadline for application: midnight on 14 July 2019.

If you are shortlisted as a potential Creative Enterprise Programme Workshop Associate, you will need to be available and able to travel for the following dates. 

If there are any concerns, please state in your cover letter.   

Initial interview: Face-to-face interview (in English): Monday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd July 2019

Induction (in Uganda): Workshop associate team induction and observing the Creative Enterprise Programme with a UK workshop associate: Sunday 4 August – Friday 9 August 2019. 

Induction (in Ethiopia): Co-deliver the Creative Enterprise Programme workshop with fellow workshop associates and supported by a UK workshop associate: Friday 18th of October to Monday 21st of October or TBC Thursday 17th October to Sunday, October 20th

Induction (in Kenya): Co-deliver the Creative Enterprise Programme workshop with fellow workshop associates and supported by a UK workshop associate: Friday 29th November to Monday 2 December 2019

If you are invited to Inductions, British Council will arrange and cover any necessary travel or accommodation. Inductions will be paid at the British Council workshop associate rate. 

Contract: Self-employed creative business professionals to be contracted by the British Council, and inducted by Nesta to deliver the Creative Enterprise Programme. 

Daily rate: The rate will be competitive to regional rates.