We are looking to commission a research study that will explore the role of digital platforms and digital skills (providing and learning) in refugee and host community relations in three countries with substantial refugee populations – Germany, Lebanon and Turkey. 

The key research questions for the work are as follows: 

1. What and how are digital platforms and digital skills being utilised to create, foster and adapt (digital/physical) spaces for refugee and host communities for community building and social cohesion?

 2. How do digital platform users and digital skills learners utilise such skills, knowledge and networks to improve and contribute to community building? This can be on an individual/day - to - day level and on a more communal/societal level.

3. In what ways are digital platforms and digital skills supportive or restrictive in aiding community building between refugee and host communities? 

For full details, please download the Request for Proposals (RfP), below.

The research design is expected to include:

1. Desk based study literature review of existing secondary literature on,

  • Refugee and host community relations in Germany, Lebanon and Turkey.
  • Refugee communities and digital (online) education (formal and informal).
  • Refugee communities and digital skills learning.
  • Refugee-specific work/initiatives in Germany, Lebanon and Turkey related to education, and/or digital skills and learning, including those by the British Council and EU partners.
  • Refugee-specific work/initiatives in Germany, Lebanon and Turkey related utilising digital platforms and skills as a methodology for community building and social cohesion.

2. Interviews and qualitiative research with key individuals from the specified countries that are both providers and users/receivers of digital platforms and digital skills learning in refugee and host communities.

3. Analysis of relevant British Council programming and projects related to specified topic within the countries stated above.

The consultants will be expected to lead the assignment, but also to work alongside British Council staff in the UK to develop the methodology required as the research develops.


The British Council is looking to appoint a reputable research provider with the following qualities:

• Strong qualitative and quantitative research portfolio, evidenced by previous projects

• Expertise in conducting interviews and identifying case studies – evidenced by previous research projects and consultancies

• Strong dedicated team with suitable experience and qualifications

• Knowledge and expertise of refugee and host community relations and/or digital skills and/or education.

• Real understanding of the research brief

• Offering good value for money 

• Capacity to deliver within an agreed timeframe

The final methodology used for this research project will be agreed by the appointed researchers in consultation with the British Council. 


Interested consultants are requested to respond to the tender document with details on how you propose to approach the research objectives. All proposals received should include:

• evidence of relevant knowledge and experience

• details of approach and methodology to be used

• qualifications/experience of the team members who will be involved in this project 

• detailed timescale

• detailed costing plan

The deadline for clarification questions is 21 January 17.00 GMT and the deadline for completed responses by potential suppliers is 23.59 GMT on 06 February 2019.

Please submit you’re your questions and completed response via e-mail to the British Council UK Research Team at Reece.Waldron@britishcouncil.org titled Digital Skills and Spaces: Refugee and host community relations.

Please note, we can only respond to successful applicants and only within five working days of the application deadline.