The DICE Digital R&D Fund will offer 20 grants to support the delivery of ‘digital experiences’ that, among other objectives, will explore new ways of engaging audiences ©

Courtesy of Juliana Peppl

We are delighted to announce the launch of the DICE Digital R&D Fund on 1 December 2020.

This Fund will offer 20 grants to support the development and delivery of 20 co-designed ‘digital experiences’ that contribute to the DICE programme’s mission and ethos.

The Fund will also support the creation of a community of practice across the 20 partnerships to share learning from the digital experiences.

The value of each of these grants will range between £7,000 – £15,000.

The 20 grants will be awarded to 20 pairs of organisations, known hereafter as ‘DICE Digital Partners’, which will co-design and co-deliver a digital experience. 

About the digital experiences 

The digital experiences should: 

  • be delivered between February and May 2021
  • be designed by, with and/or for groups that are often disadvantaged in the economy, including but not limited to youth, women or people with disabilities
  • be tailored and produced for specific groups, such as creative social entrepreneurs, artists and policy makers
  • enable the DICE Digital Partners to enhance and improve their own digital confidence, capabilities and infrastructure
  • create genuine connection and camaraderie between the participants.

Please find a full list of requirements for the digital experiences in the Guidance Notes for Applicants, attached below. See also Info and support for applicants, below.  

Who can apply?

Organisations that wish to apply must be based in a DICE country (Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK) and must submit their application together with a partner organisation in another DICE country. 

We cannot accept applications from organisations applying without a partner organisation or from applicants that are not legally registered in a DICE country.

How to apply

Applications must be made via the British Council Grant Management Portal between 1 and 15 December 2020. 

Applicants must register on the portal to access the application form. 

Then, they must complete the application as well as a separate budget document outlining the costs for the digital experience they propose to host. The budget template which must be used will be available below on 1 December 2020. 

The application must be received before 23:59 GMT on 15 December 2020.

Info and support for applicants

More information on the fund, the digital experiences and application requirements are provided in the Guidance Notes for Applicants, attached below. In addition, 

  • Daily ‘drop in’ calls will be held from 7 - 11 December, and again on 14 December, at 11am – 12pm GMT. Please join one of these calls if you have any questions about the Fund, application or process for applying. Please note that we will do our best to answer questions but are not able to provide bespoke advice about a specific application. The times of, and links to, these drop in calls will be posted on this page. 

There is no obligation for applicants to attend a briefing session, matchmaking session, or ‘drop-in’ call. 

Clarification questions should be sent to  We will post answers to questions received on this page on 10 December 2020. As with the drop-ins, we are not able to provide bespoke application support.