The inaugural Deep Dialogues event in London, from 18–20 October 2023, welcomed 23 delegates from ten countries to discuss the thematic areas of quality, resilience and inclusion within higher education.

Across three days, the participants shared best practices, exchanged ideas, and discussed emerging trends and challenges in building resilient higher education institutions and systems that are inclusive and sustainable.

The event was Delivered in partnership with Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and Advance HE

'Advance HE was delighted to collaborate as a strategic partner on the event. Our learning from delegates' deep local insights was highly important for us in continuing our mission to support the development of people within higher education across the world. The sessions sparked and co-created ideas and potential solutions, as well as assisting the sharing of best practices, already happening in very different contexts.'  – Advance HE

Event snapshot

The content and format of the event encouraged participants to share practical knowledge, best practices and innovations made within their local higher education environment, allowing them to draw inspiration from each other to address local challenges and barriers with respect to quality sustainable education built on principles of inclusion and resilience. 

  • Structured sessions and discussions enabled participants to share insights on current institutional systems and frameworks and to explore inclusive institutional practices. There was also the chance to share key challenges and opportunities in integrating quality and sustainability across various dimensions of higher education, with a focus on innovation and collaboration with different stakeholders involved.
  • Sessions from UK sector bodies responsible for ensuring quality assurance and fostering inclusion within the UK higher education systems provided an opportunity to share current frameworks, practices and tools that guide higher education institutions in the UK and internationally.
  • A visit to the University of London, Senate House gave international participants direct insight into the university’s global work with respect to building inclusive and sustainable digital higher education practices.

 Read a full overview of the event by downloading the report below.

‘This is quite an amazing event. We got an opportunity to discuss with experts from ten countries talking about how to build quality assurance and inclusiveness around the globe and moving towards global partnerships.’ - Kalihputro Fachriansyah, Deputy Director for Higher Education Resources, Ministry of National Development, Indonesia

‘I sensed a deep commitment on the part of the organisers to engage everyone in deep and honest dialogues. It has been an incredibly satisfying experience … because the whole three days were meticulously planned and organised with a variety of activities throughout and with enough time built in to interact with delegates from many countries in order to exchange views on our realities.’ – Dr Loucia Constantinou, Education Officer, Cyprus Agency of Quality, Assurance and Accreditation, in Higher Education (CYQAA)

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