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Delphine Pawlik

The British Council is seeking research partners to aid in the development of a new programme in South Asia to support the empowerment of women and girls through craft, digital technology and entrepreneurship under the Culture & Development programme in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The programme aims to create a body of research which will form the basis of an audience, partner and investment-led programme in the region. 


The research study is expected to include the following:

  1. desk review of existing literature to ascertain the evidence (mapping/databases) and current narratives around women’s empowerment and craft, technology and entrepreneurship. This will include a review of globally significant research as well as research specifically in the named countries
  2. significant qualitative and quantitative research in each of the named countries to understand and interrogate the organisations and individuals already active in these areas, the challenges they face in advancing their activity ; and,  
  3. recommendations at each country level and as a regional cluster for a pilot programme on craft, technology and entrepreneurship for women’s empowerment considering how to engage existing stakeholders and potential funders


The outputs are expected to include: 

  1. an introductory essay of 4,000 – 6,000 words 
  2.  an overall findings report and baseline plus individual country reports, each of 4,000 – 6,000 words 
  3. recommendations of 4,000 – 6,000 words
  4.  an executive summary


Recruitment process and suggested timescales:


Given the need for qualitative research, we need to ensure a methodology that works with local cultures and languages. Therefore it may be that best way to meet the overall aims is for the research to be carried out by a consortium where a UK lead manages and engages with counterparts in-country. It may be that suitable consortia can form without our assistance, but in order to support that process, we will adopt the following recruitment schedule:

Activity Date
Terms of Reference released 15 December 2016
Interested partners for global and/or local in country role to submit their contacts: organisation, named person, areas of expertise, contact details 
AND Clarification / Questions from Partners (Any questions should be submitted via email to 9 January to Kendall.robbins@britishcouncil.org 
9 January 2017 
Circulation of contact details of all interested parties to aid consortia forming 
AND clarification responses from the British Council 
16 January 2017 
Submission of bids 30 January 2017
Selection of Preferred Partners 2 February 2017
Submission of final reports 1 May 2017 

Note: Timescales are estimated and may be subject to change


To submit your proposal please complete Annex 2 and send to Kendall.robbins@britishcouncil.org no later than 1700 GMT 30 January 2017