WNO Effect workshop. March 2017, Dubai

Do you have something to share about the importance of cultural skills for the next generation ?

Researchers and cultural organisations from the UK and the Gulf are invited to submit a proposal to join a strategic debate on the importance of cultural skills for the next generation to be held 4-6 December in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What we are looking for

Submissions may include case studies, theoretical explorations, and evaluations of current practices or policies in both the UK or the Gulf. We are looking for papers that can help to share knowledge and contribute to a strategic discussion about: 

•What skills are needed to support a vibrant and inclusive cultural sector in the Gulf?

•How can cultural skills help creative organisations and business to flourish and enable social and economic impact for local communities?

•What role can public policy play to guarantee that soft and technical skills empower young people for the long-term?

•How can universities help to create strategic collaborations with the arts sectors in this field?


Proposals of up to 500 words in English, including a 50-word biographical note about each presenter, should be sent to the organizing committee to Futureskills@britishcouncil.org

Deadline for submissions: Monday 10 September 2018, 2pm (BST) 

Decisions on submissions to be made by 14 September 2018

The Culture Skills for the Future conference

The conference is a unique opportunity to discuss the social and economic impact of programmes that create opportunities to improve soft and technical skills for talented individuals who would like to work in areas including: film, museums, festivals, music, live events, fashion, visual arts, performing arts, literature and design.  

Gulf Culture and Sports programme

This event is part of the Gulf Culture and Sports programme, which aims to develop mutual understanding and respect through sharing and appreciating Gulf and UK culture, history and heritage, and by developing long-term arts and education relationships between institutions.

The programme will create opportunities for the next generation in the Gulf, young people from 14 – 30 years-old. Such opportunities foster the development of projects that will enable the local creative sector to flourish, empower cultural initiatives and find innovative and sustainable ways to guarantee a consistent and tangible legacy of the cultural field in the region. 

One of the main goals of the programme is to support and inform the creation of activities focused on the improvement of soft and technical skills for the cultural sector in the Gulf. We will collaborate with local partners, providing knowledge exchange opportunities to support a programme of capacity building which addresses local issues and links the cultural resources and expertise of the UK with local arts organisations, government departments for culture, festivals, universities, and creative businesses.