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Mat Wright

Since September 2018, we have hosted a ‘Community of Practice’ on the prevention of violent extremism (PVE). 

Bringing together practitioners and academics, we provide a platform for different actors to share evidence, best practices and lessons learnt in the PVE sector. The aim is to better understand the role of cultural, educational and civil society programmes in increasing the number of positive pathways available for young people and preventing them from engaging in violent extremism.

In January 2020, the Community of Practice will submit its key findings and recommendations in a report to the Parliament. Through this report, we aim to:

  •  Inform and shape a clearer UK government strategy and approach to PVE;
  • Share information about programmes and strategies through a strong joint evidence base;
  • Enable organisations to learn from each other, encourage coordination between them and identify opportunities for strategic partnerships. 


In 2017, the British Council All Party Parliamentary Group (British Council APPG) published a report on Building Young People’s Resilience to Violent Extremism in the Middle East and North Africa.

The report summarised findings of an inquiry ran by the APPG’s sub-committee to understand how we and other organisations could contribute to building the resilience of young people, and reduce vulnerabilities towards violent extremism.  

Using the UN Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism as a framework, the inquiry focussed on the role of educational, cultural and civil society programmes in strengthening the resilience of young people in the Middle East and North Africa. 

In the report, the sub-committee concluded the importance of focusing on the underlying, root causes of violent extremism. Prevention approaches should seek to build the resilience of individuals, communities, and societies, and to build trust and responsive relationships between them.  

This subject has been explored in more detail by Sheelagh Stewart, Lead Adviser for Conflict and Stability, in the paper 'Building Resistance to Violent Extremism'. 

The sub-committee report also recommended the establishment of a Community of Practice to share knowledge and provide evidence to inform UK government strategy and approaches towards preventing violent extremism. 

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