To enter the competition read, review, and accept the competition terms and conditions by completing the consolidated entry and consent forms.

Key dates

  • Wednesday 1 September 2021: the competition opens for online entries.
  • Monday 4 October 2021: closing date for video entries.
  • Wednesday 27 October 2021: online announcement of ten competition winners; screening online of winning videos and launch schools resource pack.   
  • Monday 1 November – Tuesday 9 November 2021: screening of ten winning videos at COP 26. 

Technical tips

  • Specialist equipment to record and edit your school video is not required. For example, you can use a camera on a smart phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Plan your filming locations carefully. We suggest you find quiet locations for recording speech: background noise should be at a minimum. It is important that we can hear student voices clearly in the video. 
  • Plan what you going to say during your video very clearly. Make sure important points in your climate action story are clearly demonstrated with pictures. 
  • We recommend your camera is stable when recording. Stand it on something solid, or hold it firmly. 
  • When you are happy with your video entry, upload it to a video sharing platform e.g., YouTube, Vimeo. (You can set this to private if you wish). When you create the link to your video to insert to your entry form, make sure you have allowed anyone holding the link to view it. If we can’t play the video, we can’t judge it!

Any updates will be published on the competition pages and communicated to applicants. If you have any queries or experience any issues submitting your entry, please email:

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