In 2018 the British Council will be introducing changes to the way we work with awarding bodies and universities globally.

The changes reflect existing good practice and feedback from a range of stakeholders and are intended to rationalise and standardise our offer while preparing the way for automation. The aim is to provide clarity and consistency for clients and customers across our global network.

A key change will be introduction of a new standardised banded fee structure from October 2018 for B2B and B2C arrangements which will make our offer clearer and more consistent. We will also phase out the collection of board fees on behalf of clients and will no longer raise invoices for small numbers of candidates and instead channel them as B2C customers, which the majority of awarding bodies already promote.

These changes will reduce the number of contracts and invoices we generate and eventually eliminate duplication of effort for our awarding bodies. Overall the benefits will be:

  • A clearer offer and improved service for our clients and customers
  • Improved levels of client and customer satisfaction
  • An examinations service well placed to meet the future needs of UK awarding bodies

You can expect more communications on these changes throughout 2018. As existing arrangements are phased out, we will issue new agreements and notify you of any changes to fees. In the meantime if you would like to know more, or have concerns as to how they may affect your particular requirements, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you.

David Hopkinson, Project Manager