A partner you can trust, to support your school deliver UK international qualifications such as international GCSE and international A-Levels 

British Council Partner Schools is a community of over 2,000 schools that deliver UK international qualifications. These schools can be found in South and East Asia, the Middle East, North and sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and South America. We support them by providing a secure exams delivery service with dedicated account management – but we offer so much more to our schools and their communities. 

Our support enables schools to make a difference to young lives in local communities, across the world. Students and teachers enjoy the benefits of the modern, student-centred approach to learning that underpins UK international qualifications, alongside its commitment to rigour, fairness, critical thinking and innovation. To become a partner school you just need to have some of your students take international GCSE or international A-Levels qualifications through the British Council.

  Become a partner school 

Who do we support? 

The British Council Partner Schools community includes a network of educators across the world, including leaders of forward-thinking international schools, and teachers committed to student-centred approach to teaching. We support families, those parents and carers who want to improve the life chances of their children through UK international qualifications. And we support students – young people with an international outlook, who want to connect with other students around the world.

How do we support school leaders and teachers?

Our exclusive networking opportunities, specialist events and forums connect teaching professionals to a global community of like-minded peers. There, they gain access to the latest educational developments for schools. And, through continuing professional development and online and in-person training resources, school leaders and teachers are able to further develop their professional skills. 

What do we offer for students and families?

We work with universities around the world to ensure that students can access higher education. This means that parents and carers can be assured that UK international qualifications are the right choice for their children. Students are protected, too, thanks to our safeguarding resources, and they can develop new skills through our competitions, resources and extra-curricular activities. 

Our support services for school leaders and teachers