Creative Economy week

Welcome to Creative Economy Week, a meticulously curated week-long event aimed at cultivating creativity, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation within the creative sectors. This initiative is part of our ongoing efforts to promote and support the creative industries in Africa, underscoring their importance as key drivers for sustainable, dynamic, and inclusive growth. 

What to Expect 

A curated line-up of events designed to offer industry insights and facilitate networking. From panel discussions to workshops, Creative Economy Week provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the creative economy's intricacies. 

Insightful Industry Roundtable Sessions 

Our Industry Roundtable Sessions delve into the core of the creative economy, allowing us to connect with business and community leaders as they share valuable information and insights. These sessions offer a deep dive into the creative economy ecosystem across different African countries, providing a foundation for informed policymaking. 

Cross-Sector Collaboration 

Creative Economy Week serves as a platform for meaningful cross-sector collaboration. Participants can engage in sharing experiences with partners from the creative, private sector, and policymaking domains. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive understanding that supports the growth of the creative sector and its professionals. 

Who Will Benefit 

Designed for industry professionals, policymakers, cultural enthusiasts, and artists, Creative Economy Week invites a diverse audience to explore and understand the intricate dynamics of the creative economy. 

Key Objectives 

  • Gain insights from industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Contribute to the development of the creative sector through informed policymaking. 
  • Network with individuals from various sectors. 
  • Acknowledge and analyse the richness and potential of the creative economy. 
  • Creative Economy Week offers a space for information-sharing, learning, and contemplation. As we navigate the landscape of the creative economy, this week serves as a focal point for understanding its nuances and dynamics. Join us on this informative journey to explore, analyse, and contribute to the development of the creative industries. 

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