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Our programme of Festivals and Seasons is designed to create highly visible cultural platforms for the whole of the UK, built around external opportunities (major anniversaries, international sporting events, Expos) and to respond to British Council, FCDO and devolved administrations’ priorities. 

Seasons may take the form of a global programme around a theme (Shakespeare Lives, Anyone Anywhere: 30 years of the Web) or focus on a relationship with a country (UK/Korea, UK/Mexico).

They are developed with a wide range of cultural and funding partners and co-ordinated with government stakeholders overseas and in the UK. Designed to increase the UK’s influence and attraction, they may be leveraged for diplomacy and business.

See the list of new opportunities for artists and organisations to work internationally.

Season impacts

  • Supporting creative professionals broaden their professional networks and access to new international markets;
  • Activities through the Season provided a safe space for intercultural exchange between UK and partner countries;
  • The UK supports the development partner country’s creative sector sharing learning and expertise;
  • Fostering long-term bilateral relationships and cultural relations between UK and partner countries particularly in the creative industries;
  • Through our Seasons and Festivals supporting the UK’s soft power approach.

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