We have always believed that culture connects us, and at times of uncertainty, this is more important than ever. 

Through this programme area, we support organisations and artists in SSA and the UK to build networks and collaborate, as well as bring artists and audiences together to share and exchange creative ideas. We do this in three ways:

Connecting Cultural Professionals

We host a variety of digital and live events, providing cultural professionals with opportunities to connect and network. Through conferences, festivals, and similar gatherings, participants share insights into their creative practices and the unique aspects of their respective countries. This exchange not only enhances visibility but also fosters deeper engagements and meaningful connections between the two regions.

Supporting Creative Collaborations

Our core strands, including Cultural Exchange, International Collaboration, and Go Digital Wales Programmes, offer grants to cultural organizations, festivals, artists, and researchers. These grants facilitate collaborations between SSA and UK entities, resulting in the creation of new art that caters to diverse audiences. Additionally, we encourage the development of markets that promote increased audience engagement.

Showcasing Opportunities

We are enthusiastic about showcasing creative talent on various platforms, such as festivals. By providing these platforms, we enable artists to present their work to new audiences, breaking down barriers and influencing perceptions of different art genres across different spaces.