Portrait from Mohamad Khayata’s photography collection ‘Stitching My Syria Back'
Portrait from Mohamad Khayata’s photography project Stitching My Syria Back for British Council's Syria: Third Space exhibition. ©

Muhammad Kayata

Displacement in the middle east 

The ongoing conflict in Syria has left 6.5 million people displaced, many of who are temporarily residing in neighbouring countries. 

Our work in the region focusses on building individual and community resilience, and aims to support recovery and transition in conflict-affected environments. 

Telling the stories of displaced people through film 

In the first year of the programme, we will work to deliver documentary filmmaking workshops in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Through this educational programme, displaced emerging Syrian filmmakers will produce a series of short documentaries telling hidden stories from the region. These unexpected tales will provide an alternative view to the mainstream media’s coverage of the crisis, bringing new, authentic voices to international audiences.   

We will support the filmmakers in accessing local and regional filmmaking networks, and use our established partnerships with film festivals to support the dissemination of Syrian-produced films to new audiences, raising awareness of the experience of Syrians with the wider world, and countering misconceptions and building understanding.