Woman being filmed in Venezuela as part of British Council's Camara Chica project
Participants from the Cámara Chica project in Venezuela.  ©

British Council 

Insecurity in the Americas

Growth and cohesion are under threat, with violence and insecurity at the top of the list of concerns for citizens in South America.

Arts and social action programmes present an exciting opportunity for the UK to connect with the region. We will work to address these issues through sharing experience and promoting dialogue and understanding between differing cultures.

Creating safe space for expression

Over the next few years, we will work with our colleagues in the Americas to deliver a series of creative approaches to support young people at risk in the region.  

Through innovative creative projects, including Cámara Chica, and Run Free, we seek to make an important contribution to the region’s social justice work and to open up an important debate about marginalisation and social exclusion on a variety of grounds, including homophobia.

Our projects