Woman being filmed in Venezuela as part of British Council's Camara Chica project
Participants from the Cámara Chica project in Venezuela.  ©

British Council 

Insecurity and exclusion in the Americas

Economic growth and social cohesion are currently under threat in the Americas and violence and insecurity are at the top of the list of concerns for citizens.

Our work in the Americas focusses on supporting young people at risk to challenge exclusion. Through our ongoing projects which are taking place across the region, we are seeking to contribute to the region’s social justice work and to open up an important debate about marginalisation and social exclusion, addressing challenges such as homophobia.

Our arts and social action programmes are enabling us to address these issues whilst creating important opportunities for the UK to connect with the Americas, in turn promoting dialogue and understanding between different cultures.  

Supporting disadvantaged youth through live events training

Backstage to the Future is a training programme which aims to provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the Caribbean through training in live events.The goal of Backstage to the Future is to inspire knowledge sharing, grow cultural networks, increase employability of disadvantaged young people and build capacity in the live events and performing arts infrastructure in country.

The programme covers two key areas – developing the technical skills needed to create and uphold work in the cultural and creative sector, from lighting and sound engineering to stage management; and the soft skills to help people to share their vision and collaborate.

Promoting LGBT arts in the Americas

Outburst is a celebration of queer art and performance that takes place annually in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The vision of Outburst is to create a bold, brave and innovative platform for new local and international queer arts, performance and brilliant creative ideas.

The British Council is the primary partner of this initiative and has helped to bring the LGBTQ arts festival to the Americas. Find out more about our work in bringing Outburst to the Americas and how it is challenging prejudice, developing artists and creating change.

Other projects supporting youth at risk