A musician wearing dark sunglasses plays the Gi-năng double-headed drum during a residency
A Chăm master musician playing the Gi-năng double-headed drum during a FAMLAB (Film, Archive Music Lab) residency, Heritage of Future Past project in Ninh Thuận province, Việt Nam, 2018.  ©

Lê Xuân Phong

We are looking for a consultant or organisation to design and deliver a peer and collaborative learning project as part of Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth

Since 2018, the British Council’s Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth programme (CH4IG) has been exploring ways in which cultural heritage can bring social and economic benefit in an inclusive, sustainable and people-centred way. 

To date, this has involved a unique range of people and places, contexts and experiences. There has been a variety of people-centred and locally-led approaches taking place in Colombia, Kenya and Vietnam. Activities and learning have been co-created, developed and delivered by, with and for the people who know what’s best - communities, practitioners, organisations and decision-makers.  

In 2020 Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth commissioned a report exploring the opportunities for and how we might develop useful locally engaged and globally connected peer and collaborative learning activities across a wide range of geographies, purposes, passions and expertise. 

To help us further realise this potential following the research, we are looking for a consultant, organisation or collaborators to develop and manage a short-term programme of activities as part of a peer and collaborative learning project, helping us explore a structured approach to sharing knowledge, collective learning and supporting capacity. 

About the brief

Our aim is to trial a mutually beneficial mechanism which is responsive to needs and offers support to those working in a similar capacity, who are engaged with and/or connected to the current Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth programme, alongside involvement from other cultural heritage focused programmes in the British Council.

We are looking for creative and engaging ways to bring together approximately 40 community leaders, practitioners, professionals and organisations working through locally-led and people-centred approaches in cultural heritage, to address local challenges and support inclusive and sustainable socio-economic benefit. 

This could take the form of a workshop/s, meetings online and/ or other digital means, with the aim of dialogue and exchange of skills and ideas to support and facilitate a shared understanding of practice. Participants will be involved in the delivery of activity related to their own cultural heritage or with others closest to their cultural heritage.

This will provide meaningful and mutually beneficial opportunities to share knowledge, exchange ideas, consider practice, discuss challenges, generate learning and build connections.

This opportunity is open to individuals, organisations and collaborations with a budget of around £20,000. 

How to apply  

To apply, please submit a completed Supplier Response and accompanying budget by 22 September 2021, 11.59pm BST.

Application schedule

Deadline to submit clarification questions 13 September 2021, 11.59pm BST
Deadline to apply 22 September 2021, 11.59pm BST
Contract commences October 2021, date TBC
Contract closes 15 March 2022

If you have any questions, please email cultureanddevelopment@britishcouncil.org 

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