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Exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology.

We are pleased to announce that the Creative Commissions for Climate Action are continuing this year in the lead up to COP27 in Egypt, November 2022.

The Creative Commissions brings together artists, scientists, and digital innovators from the UK and around the world to connect and collaborate on creative responses to the climate emergency. They aim to stimulate global conversations around the climate emergency and inspire transformational change.

Launched on 21 June, the World Weather Creative Commission takes place in India, South Korea, Philippines and South Africa. It is part of the World Weather Global Network, and was selected from the International Collaboration Grants scheme. 

World Weather Creative Commission

World Weather is a new worldwide collaborative network involving 28 arts organisations around the world working on projects in their localities with artists, writers, climate scientists, environmentalists and communities. Launching in June 2022, World Weather will offer a platform for artists to share their imaginative responses to weather patterns and the climate emergency in order to raise awareness of many different ways of experiencing, understanding and talking about local weather and the world’s climate.

The World Weather Creative Commission is a series of arts, science and digital technology projects taking place in India, South Korea, Philippines and South Africa. These will be experienced locally through exhibitions and learning programmes, and globally on a new World Weather platform. The platform will also host a programme of online events from June 2022–June 2023, including one specifically for COP27 in November 2022.

Partners: Khoj (India), Museum of Contemporary Art and Design MCAD (Philippines), NGO Nothing Gets Organised (South Africa), Art Sonje Center (South Korea), Artangel (UK)

Countries: India, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, UK and global.

Creative Commissions for COP26

In the lead up to the United National Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26), we funded 17 Creative Commissions. The Creative Commissions were widely represented at COP26. They also featured in an outdoor exhibition in Winter 2021.

Each project was unique in nature, and addressed different climate challenges such as rising sea levels, deforestation, plastic waste, consumption, and our carbon footprint. The Creative Commissions engaged directly with 10,000 people face-to-face and digitally from over 45 countries, with a global reach of over 4 million. Key outputs included films such as Listening to Ice, the Songs of the Earth music album, The Museum of Plastic 2121 Virtual Reality museum, Trees for Life plant graffiti in Ethiopia visible from space, Nine Earths immersive art installation, Tales of Care and Repair Policy Declarations, Connecting the Climate Challenge educational resources and more.

The Creative Commissions actively supported those currently underrepresented in climate change conversations, and engaged individuals of different genders, ethnicities, and ages, with the majority of the projects being youth-led or having a youth focus. The effects of climate change have repercussions for people, planet, prosperity and peace, and the Creative Commissions demonstrate how arts and culture can address a number of these global challenges, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Creative Commission projects

Read more about previous projects that have been selected for the Creative Commissions.

The Creative Commissions are an impressive set of unique and bespoke projects addressing climate-related challenges from around the world. Each project explores our relationship to ourselves, to one another, and to our environment. Through arts, science and digital technology, stories are brought to life and action is being taken by indigenous communities, young people, artists, researchers, and many more. The British Council is honoured to work with such talented and passionate partners to raise awareness of climate change and the role of arts and culture to address shared global challenges. 

Rosanna Lewis, Creative Commissions Lead, British Council

These Creative Commission projects shine a light on climate ideas and action around the world and the desire for greater collaboration around these shared challenges. We have been amazed by the quality and breadth of ideas through this open call – it was an incredibly tough decision, but we are delighted with the diverse and rich selection of final projects that have come through this commission. They are proof that climate action isn’t only possible, it’s innovative, it’s exciting and it makes a difference. 

Tania Mahmoud, Cities Programmes Lead, British Council

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