An atmospheric theatre scene of a dancer turning in his wheelchair under spotlight
Candoco, Beheld ©

Hugo Glendinning

Help us tell the story of our global arts and disability programme. Apply now to deliver a disability arts impact assessment.

Since 1934, the British Council has existed to create a basis of friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and the wider world. Our work in the arts has been central to this mission for more than 80 years, seeking to find new ways of connecting with and understanding each other through creativity – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust.

Our work in the arts has grown substantially over the last five years. We now operate in over 110 countries around the world and work across six disciplines covering the full breadth of the UK creative industries. We also look at cross-cutting areas such as creative responses to global challenges, creative economy, cultural skills, and cultural heritage.             

Our work in disability arts

Disability arts have long formed an important part of the British Council’s global arts programme, but since 2012 they have become a key area of focus across all of our regions and form a major part of our work to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion. We aim to transform perceptions of disabled people with ground-breaking and high-quality art. We help to raise the profile of disabled artists and the UK to be recognised as a world leader in disability arts.

The past eight years especially have seen our work in disability arts grow exponentially, with our programme now spanning 46 countries, from Armenia to Vietnam, placing disabled artists and cultural leaders firmly at the centre of an international disability arts movement. Now, we are looking for an experienced supplier to develop and conduct a retrospective assessment of our programme to enable us to better understand the breadth and evidenced impact of our disability arts work. This will allow us to clearly communicate our work in this area to a variety of audiences, while optimum positioning for future opportunities.

How to apply

Send completed applications to:

Got a question? Email us: marked Disability Arts Impact Assessment FAO Susan Winter

Deadline for queries: 25 November 2019
Closing date: 5 December 2019

Three young performers dressed in blue in Romeo and Juliet
Jenny Sealey's Romeo and Juliet in Bangladesh for the British Council programme Shakespeare Lives. ©

Tanvir Murad Topu

Birds of Paradise delivers a workshop in Rwanda as part of the British Council's East Africa arts programme. ©

Mairi Taylor