Against a silver backdrop, an artivist dressed in bright purple and pink smiles broadly as they sing into a microphone.

British Council

The Artivism in the Horn of Africa project supported creative young people in Sudan and Ethiopia with a passion and desire to effect change within their communities. Artivists received training and were then awarded seed funding to deliver Social Action Projects that used creative approaches to address local challenges.

We have commissioned an evaluation to measure the impact of Artivism on an individual, collective and community level, and to make recommendations to strengthen the project. This evaluation analyses how, using Arts and the Active Citizens methodology, Artivists developed their own practice, confidence and self-awareness as community leaders, and built their skills and ability to lead change within their communities.

Step-Up, a social action project to restore an historic stairway in Addis Ababa, effected change in the area to local businesses and the environment. It has been so significant the local government is now rolling out the initiative to other public spaces in the city.

The evaluation report includes recommendations to:

• Strengthen the project management of Social Action Projects
• Connect Artivists with other leaders within their communities
• Better capture and understand impact
• Develop a formal international network of Artivists

With thanks to the external consultant Ellen Lekka, the Active Citizens team, the local teams and Artivists in Sudan and Ethiopia, and The Change Collective.

10 year Active Citizens anniversary

This year the British Council will celebrate 10 years of the Active Citizens social leadership training programme with an exhibition at the Spring Gardens, Trafalgar Square. The exhibition will be open to the public until 3 January 2020. Come along to find out more about Active Citizens over the years, and pick up a hard copy of the report.