A new music video was created after a digital skills and networking session in Kampala, Uganda. 

Global visibility for contemporary Africa

Africa is the least visible continent on the World Wide Web. More authentic and diverse voices being digitally represented will encourage better visibility, understanding and appreciation of African art, culture and creativity to foster innovation and economic development.

Supporting the production of local digital content

This programme aims to support artists and creatives in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), addressing this imbalance through skills training and creating opportunities to increase the quality and visibility of locally produced digital content. 

The programme aims to develop the skills that will enable greater self-expression and offer opportunities for innovation and economic development through;

  • skills programmes in digital techniques for the creative sector 
  • creative collaborations between practitioners in SSA and the UK
  • research that will contribute to the wider debate around digital inclusion
  • fostering social inclusion, innovation and economic development

There will be a particular focus on the engagement of women. The programme will actively drive female participation to support greater inclusion of women in creative digital content creation.

Past projects

Artivism in the Horn of Africa

Nairobi VR Hackathon