Young woman holding a coffee is looking out at an urban landscape from a rooftop terrace.
Scene from the documentary Homeland created by the Scottish Documentary Institute as part of Syrian Stories

Conflict and displacement in the Middle East 

The Middle East is currently blighted by conflict and instability, rooted in the geopolitical struggle between regional powers and the weakening of social contracts between governments and their populations.

The ongoing conflict in Syria has left over 6.5 million people displaced, many of who are temporarily residing in neighbouring countries. The social and economic burden on host countries is immense. In addition, there are longstanding barriers to political, economic and social progress. Through our work in the MENA region we seek to address the exclusion of young people from political processes and the lack of opportunities for them to express themselves freely. Our ongoing projects support the recovery and transition of individuals in conflict-affected environments through the direct sharing of authentic stories. 

Create Syria - Phase 2 

Create Syria, a collaborative project between the British Council and Ettijahat - Independent Culture, is currently in its second phase. The project seeks to increase the capacity of artists to contribute to the development of stronger, more cohesive communities through the design and delivery of high-quality arts initiatives. 

The second edition will continue to support artists to build their technical and artistic skills in community settings, through providing tailored training, mentoring, networking opportunities and seed funding for the implementation of innovative community arts initiatives. 

More information on the projects selected for the second phase of Create Syria can be found on the Ettijahat website

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