Members of one of the homeless choirs in Rio singing at the municipal theatre
Members of one of the Rio homeless choirs sing at the Municipal Theatre in Rio.  ©

Lorena Mossa 

Supporting Arts & Homelessness International (AHI) to set up a global ‘hive’ of hubs around the world   

Homelessness is not just about housing. The role of arts and creativity is developing around the world as a mechanism to make tangible impacts in people’s well-being, agency, resilience and knowledge/skills as well as to provide employment for thousands of people. 

From 2021-2026, Arts & Homelessness International (AHI), in partnership with British Council and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, is running a 5-year project to develop the arts and homelessness sector in the Global South.

In order to achieve meaningful engagement and build equitable relationships internationally, AHI aims to set up a network of local/regional hubs that will act as vehicle for power and knowledge sharing between the projects and organisations in the global North with those in the global South.

To date, AHI has carried out a review of cultural spaces’ responses to homelessness, and a literature review of arts and homelessness research and documentation. Of the 400 arts and homelessness projects around the world known to AHI, from dance companies in Tokyo to choirs in Rio, only 20% are in the Global South. 

Research is underway to map projects, collectives, organisations and artists from the global South that work creatively with people experiencing homelessness, displacement, or living in precarious housing conditions. The researchers include Chloe Villalobos from Brazil, and Yvette Waweru and Aileen Fry from Kenya. If you know of any relevant initiatives or would like to join the global network, please contact

Visit the Arts & Homelessness International website to find out more, including an interactive map of initiatives around the world and information on their international summit and festival. 

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