Members of one of the homeless choirs in Rio singing at the municipal theatre
Members of one of the Rio homeless choirs sing at the Municipal Theatre in Rio.  ©

Lorena Mossa 

Supporting With One Voice to explore arts and homelessness worldwide 

Over the last decade, the cultural sector around the world has become more engaged in civic responsibility and how to fulfill its civic duty. Cultural spaces can provide a physical and often metaphorical welcome into society for those who often feel excluded, especially homeless people. They can provide practical facilities, a place to feel at home and a bridge into mainstream community. 

We were pleased to support With One Voice, the international arts and homelessness movement, to carry out:

  • A review of cultural spaces’ responses to homelessness. This research explores what different approaches, practices and programmes exist, and encourage an exchange on how cultural spaces can be open spaces to welcome people who are experiencing homelessness. 
  • A literature review of arts and homelessness research and documentation, the world’s first critical analysis of the literature on this topic. This review is a valuable resource to help the sector make the case more strongly about the impact of their work. 
  • An international arts and homelessness summit and festival in Manchester, 12-18 November 2018. This summit helped to inform the development of a set of resources and a training package for cultural spaces involving homeless people themselves delivering training (expected April 2019). The above reviews will also be launched at the summit.