The main façade of a Mamluk building in Jerusalem. ©

Welfare Association

We are pleased to award the Restoration of a Mamluk Façade in Jerusalem project £163,525

This year long project seeks to restore the main façade of a Mamluk building in Jerusalem. 

Historic Mamluk buildings

There are a number of Mamluk-period buildings in Jerusalem. The Mamluk Sultanate ruled Jerusalem for over two and a half centuries, from 1250  to 1517. During that period, there were many contributions to the architecture of the city, including schools, hostels, and souks. 

Restoring a historic Mamluk Façade

This year long project aims to restore the main façade of a Mamluk building in Jerusalem. The façade has not been renovated since construction in 1358 AD. 

This will include a detailed documentation of the Mamluk façade’s current condition and the problems that it faces. This will be followed by an intervention plan that includes solutions to the problems identified and consultation with owners and residents.

The physical restoration of the façade will be done alongside the training of four local stone masons, building specific skills related to the care of historic stone façades. This will happen alongside advocacy work to engage the local community, including talks on the Mamluk architectural style, and information on the restoration process.


About the Welfare Association

The Welfare Association (WA) was registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales in 1993 and works to support some of the most marginalised Palestinian families and communities in the West Bank and Gaza and in the refugee camps and gatherings of Lebanon. 

Project Partners

Center for Development Consultancy

Istituto Veneto per i Beni Culturali