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We are pleased to award the Enhancing vernacular heritage in As-Samou' project £641,204

This two year project focuses on the documentation, conservation and adaptive re-use of vernacular built heritage to address severe conflict damage in As-Samou'.

Cultural heritage in As-Samou'

Located in the southernmost part of the West Bank, the ancient city of As-Samou' is richly endowed with cultural heritage. A Roman temple, remains of the city walls, an ancient tower and an ancient synagogue are among the most important heritage assets of the city. 

In addition to these archaeological assets, As-Samou' is host to vernacular heritage in the form of a large number of built ensembles or compounds  (ahwash)  that demonstrate the local architectural style, and a mix of ‘historic’ construction materials and techniques. 

Training young apprentices to conserve heritage 

In this two year project, young apprentices will be trained in cultural heritage conservation and management of sites, to focus on the documentation, conservation and adaptive re-use of vernacular built heritage. The project will begin with the identification, documentation and assessment of buildings in the ahwash, with the view for simple excavation work to take place if valuable remains are discovered. 

A pilot restoration project will be run at hosh Al-Aqeeli which will provide training for 20 young apprentices and labourers with a focus to involve underemployed or unemployed engineers, architects and craftsmen. In addition to this, a new cultural youth centre will be established, and educational activities will be delivered to the local community. 


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Project Partners

Habash Consulting Engineers (HCE)

As Samou' Municipality