An image from above of the town Amedi, which sits on top of a Mesa, or Plateau, on the flat of a mountain. The town is at an elevation of 1200m and has a population of 11,000.
Amedi, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq ©

Amedy Culture Centre Archive

We are pleased to award the Planning the future of Amedi project £100,000

This project aims to enhance and document built heritage in the historic town of Amedi in Iraq.

An ancient citadel

Set in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Amedi offers rich cultural heritage in a stunning landscape. Formerly the capital of the Bahdinan Emirate in the Ottoman Empire, Amedi is an ancient citadel with Muslim, Christian and Jewish influences. Notable monuments include the Bahdinan Gate, the Church of Saint Joseph, the Great Mosque and its minaret and the 16th century Qubahan Madrasa.

Amedi has been on the UNESCO tentative list since 2011 and many monuments have been registered, yet undocumented and overlooked sites remain within the town, and no plan is in place to protect the town’s heritage. Creating a comprehensive masterplan will protect the highly valued cultural heritage of Amedi and pave the way for improved heritage management in a region greatly affected by conflict.

A future for Amedi’s heritage

Through workshops and engagement activities, World Monuments Fund (WMF) will work with the local authorities to strengthen heritage capacity, and with the people of Amedi to improve awareness of their heritage.

Documentation of the built heritage of Amedi and oral histories of locals will be collected and stored in a publically accessible database. A detailed conservation plan for two historic buildings and a masterplan for the protection and enhancement of Amedi’s heritage will be developed collaboratively by residents, the local authorities and WMFB, leading to improved heritage management.

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