Action for Hope workshop with Mustafa Said ©

Giselle Yasajie

We are pleased to award the Music Schools for Refugees project £296,060

This project will preserve and promote traditional Syrian music and musical instrument making among refugee communities in Lebanon and Jordan.  

Music in Syria

Syria has a rich musical history, yet the displacement of around six million refugees in recent years has resulted in the immediate loss of the practice of Syrian music. The conflict in the region has also resulted in the destruction of much of the physical and institutional musical infrastructure across the country.

Before the war, Aleppo was widely recognised as Syria’s music capital, being home to the top instrument manufacturers in the country, and to numerous music schools and musicians. Many of the master musicians and music makers have been displaced to different countries, making it difficult to work professionally.

Training Syrian children

This project aims to enhance the recognition of traditional Syrian music within a population of 20,000 refugee and host communities in Lebanon and Jordan.

Action for Hope will host music schools in Lebanon and Jordan to educate and train talented youth and children, mostly from Syrian refugee communities, in traditional Syrian music so they are able to perform at a professional level.

The music schools will also train music teachers to transfer their knowledge and experience to younger generations. In addition, Action for Hope will preserve the art and industry of instrument making, in particular Oud and Bouzouq, adding this to the curriculum of the schools for the first time.

About Action for Hope ASBL

Action for Hope works with communities in crisis, helping people face the ensuing social, economic and political challenges by freeing their imagination and unleashing their creative abilities. Action for Hope provides communities suffering from war, displacement, violent political unrest, extreme poverty, or difficult living conditions with tools for free expression, artistic creativity, communication, knowledge and healing from psychological wounds.