Filming as part of Camara Chica, a project creating opportunities for children and young people in Cuba to discover and develop creative and technical skills through film-making. ©

Andres Franko

We explore the use of culture and creativity for international development that is longterm and sustainable. 

Through a collaborative approach with the countries we work in, we aim to:

  • extend safe spaces for culture, creative exploration and exchange;
  • build trust, enable dialogue and present marginalised voices;
  • support the protection of cultural heritage and expression of cultural identities.

 We deliver Culture and Development initiatives around the world

  • We work collaboratively with the British Council's international network, and with partners across the globe to deliver our Culture and Development initiatives. 
  • Through this collaboration, specifically with colleagues in the region we are working in, we are able to identify needs specific to the local context. We then work to foster cultural arts programmes in response to the social and economic needs of developing countries.
  • Our programmes take place over a number of years and provide longterm strategy and committment in the region we are working in.
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We explore the notion of cultural heritage for inclusive growth 

  • We have published a research report exploring the use of cultural heritage for growth that benefits all levels of society. 
  • As part of this work, we are delivering a £3m pilot programme in collaboration in Colombia, Kenya and Vietnam to test this notion. 

We manage the Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS

  • The £30million fund has been set up to protect heritage in conflict-affected areas in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • The Fund aims to help create sustainable opportunities for social and economic development, through building capacity to foster, safeguard and promote cultural heritage at risk due to conflict overseas.
  • Find out more about the Cultural Protection Fund.

We provide research and resources on the use of culture in international development

  • We work to collate research, including that from our programmes, to show what cultural programmes can do in international development, how they can work, and what their benefits are in the UK and around the world.
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  • Using arts for as a means for social change has been recognised by the  British Council’s Arts Strategy