Portrait from Mohamad Khayata’s photography collection ‘Stitching My Syria Back'
Portrait from Mohamad Khayata’s photography project Stitching My Syria Back for British Council's Syria: Third Space exhibition. ©

Muhammad Kayata

Culture and development is a two-way process. 

We aim to extend safe spaces for culture, creative exploration and exchange; build trust, enable dialogue and present marginalised voices; and support the protection of cultural heritage and expression of cultural identities.

Two men breakdancing as part of British Council's Say it Through Breakdancing programme
Image from Say It through Breakdancing, a Culture and Development supported project in which breakdancing was used to support young people to express themselves in Tunisia. ©

Helen Maybanks

We deliver culture and development initiatives around the world

  • These teams are able to identify needs specific to their local context. They then work to foster cultural arts programmes in response to the social and economic needs of developing countries.
  • We work closely with colleagues and partners worldwide on programmes that take place over a number of years and provide long term strategy and committment.
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We manage the Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS

We provide research and resources for best practice and to inform policy

  • We work to collate research, including that from our programmes, to show what cultural programmes can do, how they can work, and what their benefits are in the UK and around the world.
  • Using arts for as a means for social change has been recognised by the  British Council’s Arts Strategy