In October 2016, as part of Gasworks’ Autumn Open Studios programme, Mumbai-based artist Priyesh Trivedi (also known as Adarsh Balak) came to London for a three-month residency.

Gasworks is a non-profit contemporary visual art organisation in south London. The gallery’s residency programme offers international artists the opportunity to research and develop new work in London; since they were established in 1994, the studios have hosted and helped develop more than 250 artists from 70 different countries.

Video installation: b-side

During his residency at Gasworks, Trivedi produced a video installation entitled b-side, which brings together video clips taken from YouTube to chart the cultural and anthropological story of Acid House, a subgenre of house music and cultural phenomenon that emerged in London in the mid-1980s. We caught up with Priyesh during his residency to hear more about the inspiration behind the work. Find out more about the installation in this short interview video. 

Adarsh Balak

Priyesh Trivedi is best known for his project Adarsh Balak, which went viral in India on social media. Taking inspiration from the distinctive visual style of government public information posters, which hung on the walls of classrooms and public buildings of his youth, Trivedi’s works subvert the voice of authority and challenge the establishment whose lessons they satirise.

Adarsh Balak: High Stakes (c) Priyesh Trivedi ©

Priyesh Trivedi

Adarsh Balak: Anarchy ©

Priyesh Trivedi

Adarsh Balak: Breaking News ©

Priyesh Trivedi

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