Since 1978, Cardiff-based Ffotogallery has championed photography and lens-based art through exhibitions, print and online activity and an extensive education programme, working with groups and individuals from all walks of life.

Ffotogallery presents the contemporary photographic image in the rich and widening context of critical and historical debate. The gallery regularly commissions new work by Welsh artists, providing a living document of culture in Wales and reflecting the changing landscape of photography and lens-based media, as well as providing vital support for local talent.

Ffotogallery has been pioneering the creative use of new technology for over a decade, providing content-rich and immersive experiences for audiences. Through their exciting digital development programme, they work with artists and audiences to experiment with cutting edge technologies.

We’ve teamed up with Ffotogallery to handpick some of their most innovative recent digital projects, which you can discover online below.

You can view their most recent exhibition A Million Mutinies Later – India at 70 as part of Dreamtigers, in which artists and cultural professionals from India and Wales collaborate around the making and presentation of new work that reflects how creativity, technology and a renewed sense of national identity are shaping the lives of future generations.

Diffusion Experience

Diffusion Experience invites audiences to experience highlights of the biennial Diffusion Cardiff International Festival of Photography. Through an exciting central online space, the platform hosts a wealth of interactive content, from real-time documentation of events and artist interviews to international Instagram artist residencies and online artworks such as the crowd-sourced Ffotohive.

Explore Diffusion Experience

Bedazzled - A Welshman in New York

Alongside Ffotogallery’s multimedia performance work Bedazzled in New York for the Dylan Thomas 100 festival, this online project re-imagines Welsh author Dylan Thomas’s favourite hangout The White Horse Tavern in New York. Providing a glimpse into the poet’s life and creative community in the Big Apple, the project sheds light on the different sides of his character. The website’s playful interface invites users to explore new and archival recordings of Thomas’ poems, audio-visual content and interviews with the poet’s contemporaries, in a multimedia celebration of the legacy of Dylan Thomas time in New York.

Explore the Bedazzled project

Experience Wales in Venice

Ffotogallery curated Helen Sear’s …the rest is smoke, the Wales in Venice exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2015. The resulting digital platform offers an in-depth insight into the development and realisation of Sear’s work, its presentation in Venice, the audience and critical response, and creative contributions from invigilators over the seven months of the exhibition.

Experience Wales in Venice

Bedazzled in New York Interface Design ©

Laura Sorvala

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