This report summarises the results of the research commissioned by The British Council, Bayimba Cultural Foundation, Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda, Kuonyesha Arts Fund, and Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to map the current landscape of the Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) in Uganda.

The aim of this study is expected to make an analysis of selected CCIs in Uganda, including specific post-COVID 19 shifts and digital-led opportunities with a focus on CCI practitioners between the ages of 18 and 35.

The study conducted via desktop research, in-depth interviews, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs and online survey, between July 2023 and September 19, 2023, highlights the following:

• The nature of employment for the CCIs in Uganda;

• Present needs and changes required in selected CCI sectors in Uganda;

• A SWOT analysis of selected sectors namely: Fashion, creative technology, film, literature, performing arts and the visual arts and crafts in Uganda;

• The business models and scaling opportunities in Uganda;

• Current investments into development and support initiatives directed towards creative businesses in Uganda;

• Emerging and with strong Implementation capacity the CCIs in Uganda;

• Clustering of the Culture and Creative industries opportunities and networks in Uganda;

• Innovation, sustainability and multidisciplinary practice related to future facing business and opportunities for Uganda’s CCIs;

• a synthesis of findings and recommendations;

• and finally, a conclusion with a vision for a national theory of change for the CCI landscape in Uganda.

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