Cultural Protection Fund: 2016 – 2020

The Cultural Protection Fund is now open for small grants (up to £100K) and large grants (more than £100K) applications.
The Fund is designed with applications from UK organisations in mind, but any organisation is eligible to apply. Grants are available to applicants working with local partners in one or more of the Fund’s target countries: Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen.
There will be separate application processes for small and large grants. For large grants there will be two rounds of funding per financial year, and small grants will run on a rolling basis with quarterly decision meetings. All applicants will be asked to complete an online expression of interest form in order to confirm eligibility, before being invited to complete an online application form (from the bottom of this page).
All applicants will need to provide a clear project plan and timeline, evidence of demand, delivery capability, detailed project costs and information on how risks will be managed and monitored. Project evaluation will be a key requirement of all grant awards.
In the current round, organisations can apply for grants of up to £3 million for projects focusing on the protection of cultural heritage at risk due to conflict. The maximum amount of funding available to applicants will be subject to review at the end of each funding round.


Small Grants programme
  • Small grants decisions are made on a quarterly basis in December, March, June and September.
  • The deadline for the December 2016 small grants meeting has now passed. The next decision meeting will be in March 2017.  In order for your application to be considered at the March meeting, your full application must be received by Friday the 20th of January.
Large Grants: Round 2
  • The deadline for Expressions of Interest for this round has now passed.
  • Deadline for application forms: 19 December 2016
  • Applicants notified in April 2017
Large Grants: Round 3
  • Launching January 2017
  • Applicants notified in October 2017

Online application Forms 

About the Cultural Protection Fund

In partnership with the Department for Culture Media and Sport, the British Council have launched the Cultural Protection Fund. Our objective for the new £30 million fund is to help to create sustainable opportunities for economic and social development through building capacity to foster, safeguard and promote cultural heritage in conflict-affected regions overseas.

A new law to protect cultural heritage 

Department for Culture Media and Sport introduced the Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Bill into the House of Lords in May, which will ratify the 1954 Hague Convention and its two protocols to protect cultural property at risk in conflict zones.
The Bill will make it an offence to deal in unlawfully exported cultural property from an occupied territory. This legislation will also make the UK the first permanent member of the Security Council to have ratified both the Convention, and its two Protocols. Together with the Government's £30m Cultural Protection Fund, the Bill supports the protection of cultural heritage from acts of cultural destruction.
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