To deliver the Active Citizens programme, we work with a network of partners around the world.

Our partners include civil society organisations and universities who have a strong influence on cultural relations at community level and whose staff are powerful advocates for social justice.

They reflect the culture and interests of the community and are effective leaders and organisers within the community. They can, for example, include youth groups, arts groups, trade unions, religious groups or local authorities.

The Active Citizens programme is flexible and we work with our partners, adapting content to address the specific challenges they face. 

Meet Mona Hassouna from Development for People and Nature Association (Lebanon)

Meet Jacqui Roberts from the Shoreditch Trust (UK)

Below are a selection of the many partners we have worked with worldwide since 2009: 

Active Communities Network

Active Communities Network an international youth and community development charity operating across the UK, Ireland and South Africa as well as supporting like-minded charities and NGO’s across the globe. We utilise sport as our primary method to develop pathways for young people to succeed and transition into adulthood. Our grass roots projects are targeted in the heart of communities blighted by socio economic deprivation. . We build young people’s skills, improve confidence & self-esteem, broaden their horizons and raise ambitions to ensure they can succeed into employment, education and training.  We have developed and deliver an embedded methodology of working across our projects. Our approach centres on targeting communities based on a range of complex needs. We do this in London, Manchester, Belfast and Havant. Within these projects we support high risk young people through a vibrant and youth led year round programme. 

Algerian Muslim Scouts

Country: Algeria

Partner from: 2010

Established in the 1930s, the Algerian Muslim Scouts have increased in both size and positive reputation throughout their long and active history. Enjoying a good reputation among the Algerian people, the AMS provides schooling in the basics of Arabic and Islamic thought.

Asha Centre

Country: UK

Partner from: 2016

The ASHA Foundation (founded 1996) is a UK charity whose mission it is to create opportunities for young people to experience inspiration, connection and purpose. Through this mission, the ASHA Centre - where most of the Foundation’s activities take place - has become an active hub of intercultural and social youth events, hosting a range of educational, performing arts and land based programmes which meet the challenges and potential of our times. ASHA encourages young people to experience the joys and challenges of working on the land, living in community and engaging in their personal and social development. The vision at ASHA is that this will ultimately bring about a world where humanity lives in harmony with itself and the earth.

ADAB logo

Asian Development Association of Bury

Country: UK

Partner from: 2009 

ADAB is a community organisation which aims to develop and implement initiatives that will improve and enhance the economic, educational, social, cultural and recreational needs of the communities in Bury.

ADAB’s services are particularly targeted at all the residents particularly those who are disadvantaged. Community cohesion and integration is a central key component to all the services ADAB delivers.

The organisation has been in existence since 1997 and has undertaken a range of initiatives to achieve its objectives. At the beginning much of its work was undertaken by volunteers and although volunteers still remain an integral part of the organisation, ADAB has been able to secure external funding to develop and implement a range of projects over the 15 years.


Association of Youth Organisation in Nepal (AYON)

Country: Nepal

Partner from: 2010

The Association of Youth Organisations Nepal (AYON) is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental, not-for-profit, autonomous network of youth organisations. As such, the organisation provides a platform for collaboration, cooperation, joint action and collective endeavour between youth organisations in Nepal.


Country: Pakistan

Partner from: 2010

Awaz was founded in 1995 by Mohammad Zia-ur-Rehman and a group of local university graduates who wanted to contribute to their society. Widespread ignorance, poverty, sectarianism, violence, non-democratic culture and values, human rights violations and social backwardness within the region of Southern Punjab provided the group with extra impetus. Awaz is an Urdu word that means ‘voice’, and, as such, the organisation aims to provide a platform to facilitate and capacitate marginalised communities to raise their voice against socio-economic and political disparities within the region.

Career Women Wales

Career Women Wales (CWW) is a social enterprise empowering women to visualize their career goals and create personalised plans to achieve them. CWW was founded in 2014 by Sarah Rees, who realised her own entrepreneurial ambitions having become a mum. We provide a range of services including outsourcing, community workshops for women seeking employment, research and consultancy on a range of gender equality issues and online career planning resources.

Our core aims are to provide career based training and support for women looking to re-enter the work place or undertake a career change, provide a recruitment service to promote skilled part-time and flexible jobs and encourage employers in Wales to promote and offer part-time and flexible employment opportunities in skilled positions.

Children First

Country: Pakistan

Partner from: 2010

A leading not-for-profit child-focused national organisation, Children First work with disadvantaged segments of society to bring about the kind of positive change that will ultimately improve children’s living and learning environment. Children First has gone through a planned transition from Save the Children’s UK Kashmir Programme to a national organisation and is registered under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984.

College of Youth Activism and Development (CYAAD)

Country: Pakistan

College of Youth Activism and Development (CYAAD) - an organisation working on youth social action, community development, community mobilisation and participation mainly in the education sector and social media development. CYAAD has facilitated capacity-building of more than 435 young people in Quetta through the Active Citizens Programme, while 26 Social Action Projects are have been initiated by Active Citizens in the region.

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