ISV Sri Lanka

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International Study Visits create a network of Active Citizens who think globally and act locally to make social action happen.

Some participants are invited to attend an International Study Visit (ISV). This is an event where an international group visits a country and particular communities to explore social development issues and the methods the community has found for addressing these issues. The country partners play a key role in setting up the itinerary and hosting the visit.

During the week-long course, participants share skills, knowledge and experiences from their local communities. They take part in workshops, community visits and political and civic engagement.

Powerful bonds formed between the participants often lead to collaborative social-action plans. You can learn more about the events from the case studies below.


ISV Timeline


Kenya, Pakistan, Egypt and the UK


Bangladesh, Serbia and the UK


Sri Lanka, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Burma (Myanmar) and the UK


Jordan, Pakistan, Uganda and the UK


Bangladesh, Morocco and the UK


Pakistan, Egypt and the UK


Sri Lanka and the UK


Indonesia, Ukraine and the UK

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