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Facilitator Development workshops bring Active Citizens facilitators together to understand the purpose and vision of the programme.

Facilitators need to be familiar with the programme content and feel confident in taking participants through the learning journey.

The residential workshops last around five days and the facilitators have the opportunity to deliver some of the set content of the toolkit in small working groups. These practice delivery sessions help facilitators to develop their skills in a safe environment.

The experience they gain enables them to deliver training to future participants and communities as well as developing skills and value for intercultural dialogue and networking.

The workshops also explore different approaches to delivering the programme locally, depending on community needs, as well as discussing ways to make use of, and develop, global networks and social media.

This approach of delivering the training to a diverse group helps facilitators to see the value of being globally connected. 

As part of Facilitator Training; Facilitators attend either National, Regional or International Facilitator Development Workshops.