Our aim is to increase and deepen the impact of partner organisations in their community.  

The way that they can do this is by getting more and more people involved in their work. It also gives them the opportunity to meet people and look how programmes are delivered across the globe. 

Watch the video above to find out more about how we work with partners. 

Becoming a delivery partner

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please read the information below then email us at active.citizens@britishcouncil.org or contact your local British Council office.

How we work with partners

Initially, we identify national priorities and set country-specific themes by working with government, civil society and third-sector organisations. We agree target audiences, geographical areas and social-development themes.

We then recruit local organisations as our partners to deliver the Active Citizens methodology in the communities in which they work.

We hold induction meetings where we can discuss the aims and process and develop a shared understanding of the way forward with our partners.

We work together to develop the programme content to reflect the themes and priorities identified in the national strategy.

Our partners then identify individuals from their communities to take on the role of Active Citizens facilitators.

What we look for in our partners

Ideally, a partner should have:

  • access to training and delivery networks in different or outlying districts/towns
  • good media connections
  • in-depth knowledge of the community and voluntary sectors in the relevant area
  • in-depth knowledge and understanding of conflict dynamics in the target area or on the identified theme
  • affiliation to other groups - particularly important when identifying partners in fragile and conflict-affected settings
  • reputation for delivery and accountability
  • interest in social leadership and global citizenship
  • commitment to the Active Citizens programme
  • commitment and experience of working with diverse groups
  • knowledge and experience of facilitating or running learning projects on practical and social skills
  • a track record of working with, and commitment to, volunteer
  • motivation to develop links between their community and communities in other countries and a commitment to an understanding of the benefit of intercultural dialogue both locally and internationally
  • potential to provide cash or contributions-in-kind, for example venue, trainers. 

Who we are working with in the UK (2017/18)

  • Asian Development Association of Bury 
  • Jack Drum Arts
  • The Swift Centre
  • Shoreditch Trust
  • Voluntary Action Rotherham
  • Flying Futures
  • Up Our Street
  • Reviving the Heart of the West End
  • Three Faiths Forum
  • Workers' Educational Association
  • Oldham Coliseum Theatre

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