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Our work in South Asia is delivered in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Active Citizens gives participants the confidence to make a difference in their community.

In Bangladesh Active Citizens has initiated more than 1,100 Social Action Projects across the country on themes ranging from illiteracy eradication to opposing violence against women. 

Read some stories and news from the region below.

Next generation goes the ballot box

The first Next Generation report, published in 2009, brought Pakistan’s young people to the centre of the debate about its future. It received extensive media coverage, and has since influenced the work of governments, academia and civil society. In 2013, a series of follow-up reports was published, called Next Generation Voices, which offered new evidence of how young people are shaping Pakistan. This latest series of reports highlighted a range of issues, from attitudes to democracy, conflict and the ageing population. And all off the back of a piece of Active Citizens research to define the national strategy for the country.

Take a look at the reports. 

Pakistan: a drive to engage the next generation

Read how Active Citizens is taking a leading role in tackling Pakistan’s education emergency.

Pakistan: university of life

Read how Active Citizens training is becoming a part of Pakistani university education. 

Inspiring social action: giving a voice to Bangladeshi youth

Read how through partner organisation CCD Bangladesh, Active Citizen Masha Al-Airin Khan started a radio show to give a voice to Bangladeshi youth.


Sri Lanka: a road to englightenment

After six months working in the television industry Amy Hill understands what makes a good story. She has now refocused her life on social action but is keen to keep her old story hunting skills sharp. Read what she wrote for Active Citizens International Study Visit live.

Working with youth audiences in Bangladesh and Pakistan

'I'm seeing things from a new perspective since attending the Active Citizens workshop,' says Saad from the Free Eye Treatment project in Karachi. In this inspiring video about the programme's impact in Pakistan and Bangladesh we see Saad and a team of doctors carrying out free eye checks and issuing spectacles to queues of local people who wouldn't otherwise afford such treatment. Watch the video and read about  the wide impact of Active Citizens in Bangladesh and Pakistan.