Mat Wright

Seife Marcos, Project Delivery Manager, British Council, Ethiopia, talks about the Ethiopian partnerships

'Our partners are called the YNSD (Youth Network for Sustainable Development). They are influential because they are an umbrella organisation of more than 150 different youth associations and they have access to all regions in the country. They will assist participants in implementing social action projects and panel discussions, budget management, identifying communities and fulfilling other logistical needs, such as venue. The British Council will work together with the YNSD, giving direction and guidance while facilitating high-level meetings and discussions with officials. We will be playing a major role in promoting the project in higher circles of decision-makers.

The YNSD are attracted to the British Council because of the work we do with young people. They have been active participants in the Global Exchange programme last year and they have appreciated the British Council for taking such initiatives. Since they are an umbrella youth organisation and the Active Citizens programme in Ethiopia is working with young people and plans to implement social action projects, it directly relates to the YNSD’s agenda of supporting young people to become active p