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Here are some of the different ways that you can get involved with Active Citizens.

Set up your own social action project

Help with your project

If you are interested in setting up a social action project, take a look at module four in the toolkit where you will find information to help you with project planning and management.

See examples of projects

You can find inspiration and ideas on our social action pages and on our regional pages.

Register your interest as a delivery partner

If you’re interested in becoming a delivery partner, find out what qualitites we're looking for and how to register.

Join the global conversation

Find us on Twitter and Facebook

You can connect with other Active Citizens around the world and share your experiences, build your skills and generate ideas for social action projects through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Download our toolkit

Find out more about the training content 

You can read about the Active Citizens methodology in the programme toolkit. Here you will find information about how the training is structured and delivered. Take a look at the learning journey to understand what it means to be an Active Citizen.

Volunteer with one of our partners

Join an existing social action project

We work with a network of partners around the world to deliver the Active Citizens programme. These organisations and their staff are powerful advocates for social justice and include youth groups, arts groups, trade unions, religious groups or local authorities.

Take a look at our delivery partners and see if you can volunteer to help with one of their social action projects.  

Follow the Active Citizens principles

Think about what it means to be an Active Citizen

Try to hold your assumptions lightly. We make assumptions all the time. These assumptions influence our behaviour and actions, which can be positive or have negative consequences. We do not always have to think about our assumptions, but reflecting on them may help us to change our behaviour and actions.

Read more about the Active Citizens principles in the programme toolkit

Find out about events and opportunities

Stay informed

You can find out about opportunities to join a training programme, project funding and civil society events by following us on Twitter and Facebook. We will share information about opportunities to apply through our partners here.

Contact your local British Council office

To date, the Active Citizens programme has been delivered in 54 countries around the world. Follow the link below and press "British Council worldwide" to find out more about Active Citizens in your country: