People around a table at a networking event

'We help to reaffirm the UK’s commitment to international relations based on collaboration, inclusion and freedom of expression.' – Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive 

'Today it is more critical than ever that the United Kingdom continues to build its reputation as a connected, attractive and trusted partner, a force for good in the world.' – Christopher Rodrigues CBE, Chair (until May 2019)

2018-19 facts and figures

Operating at scale

  • We reached a total of 791 million people
  • We engaged with 80 million people directly
  • Over 100 million teachers and learners of English used our online resources.

Providing high-quality services

  • 82 per cent of our customers reported learning new skills
  • 80 per cent of our customers agree that our programmes are high quality.

Great value for money

  • We generated £5.80 for every £1.00 of grant received – a total income of £1.25 billion
  • We remitted £125 million in fees to UK awarding bodies for IELTS and other exams
  • Our support costs are 15.6 per cent of our total income.