Ignite Culture is a new and exciting grant facility for the cultural and Creative sectors in 14 countries in Eastern Africa! This Eastern Africa focused fund is part of the global ACP-EU Culture programme which is being implemented by HEVA in partnership with the British Council Kenya with the financial contribution of the European Union,and with further support from the Organisation of ACP (African,Carribean and Pacific)states 

This funding will help successful applicants develop programs and projects to grow their own ventures,and do cultural work and support within their target communities.it will also go a long way towards making their efforts more sustainable .Alongside supporting creative and Cultural workers to grow their businesses,enter and adapt to expanded and digital marketplaces,and upgrade their workspaces and collaborations,the facility will support efforts around building skills,developing ways to enable better working environmnets for creative businesses.

Through grant financing of up to 180,000 Euros,this financial support should be directed towards the following activities

  • increased and improved production of creative and cultural goods and services
  • Skills building,
  • Upgrading of infrastructure,hardware and software
  • improved access to financing and a supportive policy and business environmnet
  • Expanding access to local,regional and international markets,as well as
  • Improving visibility for creative and Cultural practitioners and their work throughout the Eastern Africa region.

Ignite Culture is open to eligible applicants in Burundi,Comoros,Djibouti,Eritrea,Ethiopia,Kenya,Madagascar,Mauritius,Rwanda,Seychelles,Somalia,Sudan,Tanzania and Uganda. 

More information coming soon!

The call for applications is now closed .Stay tuned for the 2022 application call