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British Council Tunisia
Develop your child's English skills with us

Why should you choose us?

We operate over 100 teaching centres throughout the world and we are world leaders in English language teaching. We have over 50 years of experience and we share the best and latest teaching methodologies through our network of teaching centres.

Who are the teachers?

We only recruit teachers who hold internationally recognised English language teaching qualifications. Our teachers all have proven experience in teaching foreign students and a clear understanding of the needs of language learners at different ages.

How does the British Council teach English?

Our courses for young learners are designed to engage and motivate children.  We provide challenging, stimulating materials in a wide variety of media (including internet, interactive computer based activities, DVDs, games and songs) to encourage students to interact and participate actively in lessons.  Students develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; as well as learning grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Our aim is for every child to:

  • Communicate clearly and confidently in English
  • Activate their knowledge and become more fluent
  • Develop their ability to think and learn independently and effectively
  • Enjoy their learning

How are courses structured?

We have organised our courses to reflect the typical school ages in Tunis.  Before children can join a British Council course we check their school age and give them a level test so that we can place them in a course and level which will challenge and stimulate them. Levels range from beginner to advanced. Each level starts in September and lasts for four terms. Your child can join at the beginning of any term and will stay in the same level until the following June when they move up to the next level. If your child misses 2 consecutive terms, they will need to do a level test again when they return.  Shorter summer intensive courses are also offered in June, July, and August.

British Council Group   Approximate ages  Students per class 
Preparatory   5   Maximum of 12 
Primary 1  6 - 8  Maximum of 12 
Primary 2  9 -11  Maximum of 16 
Lower Secondary   12 - 14  Maximum of 18 
Upper Secondary   15 - 17   Maximum of 18 

All our courses are mapped to the Common European Framework of reference for languages. This is useful for you because the CEF levels are meaningful to schools and universities in Europe and worldwide

When can my child register for a course?

You can register your child before the beginning of any term if there are spaces in the corresponding level.  However, please note that our existing customers always have first priority to register and re-register their children.  Before the start of each term, they are invited to re-register their children before new customers can do so.  We recommend that parents register their children at the start of the Academic Year in September in order to take advantage of this service and to avoid later disappointment.

Can I get a discount?

We offer two discounts:

Annual Registration: learners registered in September for all four terms in the academic year receive a discount

Family discount: for the second member of the immediate family attending a course in the same term there is a 10 TD discount.

Class times:

You can choose for your child to study on Wednesdays or Fridays or Saturdays afternoons or Sundays morning

The course times are as follows:
Preparatory (5 years)



Primary 1 (6 – 8 years)

14.15 -16.15
14.15 -16.15

16.45 -18.45
8.30 - 10.30

11.00 -13.00
Primary 2 ( 9 - 11 years)

14.15 -16.15
14.15 -16.15

16.45 -18.45
8.30 - 10.30

11.00 -13.00
Lower Secondary (12-14 years)

14.15 -16.15

14.15 -16.15

16.45 -18.45

8.30 - 10.30

11.00 -13.00

Uppe Seconday ( 15-17 years)

14.15 -16.15

14.15 -16.15

16.45 -18.45

8.30 - 10.30

11.00 -13.00


We offer these courses throughout the year and the costs depend on the course type and number of hours. More details about costs and course dates are available from here.

If you need any more information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Customer Services Team

87 Avenue Mohamed V

1002 Tunis Belvédère

Telephone +216 71 145 300

Fax +216 893 066

Email: info@tn.britishcouncil.org

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