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British Council Syria
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) can help you to meet the English language requirements for university entry in English-speaking countries and visa processing in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We can help you take the exam.
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Learn english in Syria

Learning English can open doors for you whatever your age, or profession. It's the international language of business and the key to educational opportunities overseas. We lead the way in English language teaching. With highly qualified teachers and a wealth of resources we offer a wide range of courses to meet your needs.

Why study with us?
We are the UK's international organisation for educational and cultural relations. Our teachers are among the most highly qualified in Syria and our courses are rigorous so that with us, you can gain the confidence and the skills you need to communicate effectively in English.
Courses in Damascus
In Syria we offer English courses in our Damascus centre. We teach English to more than 3,000 students in our centre and in businesses around Syria. Our courses emphasise interactive communication giving you the confidence to use English in your daily and professional life.
English language zone
Visit our English language zone and choose from a wide selection of online databases, videos and books and resources to help you imorove your English skills.
Learn English
LearnEnglish is a free resource that can help you improve your English through word games, lyrics, stories and poems, with top tips from other learners and a Kids Zone for younger learners.

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