If you are looking for practical tips and advice to give to your student’s parents about how they can help their child learn English at home then why not share with them our latest LearnEnglish Family booklet.  “Helping your child learn English - practical tips” is full of great and  practical ideas to support your work in class!

More guides for parents to help support learning English at home can be found at our LearnEnglish Kids site.

Our aim is to keep teachers in Spain in touch with the latest news and updates in materials from around the globe.  See our links below for access to ready made lesson plans and worksheets for Primary, Secondary and Adult learners as well as news about innovative learning projects and digital tools to help you keep your students happy whilst they are learning.

Remember to keep in touch too with the materials and projects your local Teacher Association is developing.

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British Council Schools Online

Our SchoolsOnline page offers fun resources for international projects for schools.

Languages for the Games, 100 words, Dickens 2012 , Chatterbooks and Global-eyes are some of the fantastic projects available on our Global Learning Resources page Register your school now for international projects.

Consejos prácticos para aprender inglés en casa


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