Teach English FAQs

To work as a teacher at the British Council in Spain you’ll need

  • a first degree and
  • recognised teaching qualifications and
  • at least 2 years of experience of teaching English

The British Council usually recruits for summer courses and also at the beginning of the academic year.

Contact your nearest teaching centre for more information.

Our TeachingEnglish Website offers

  • classroom materials to download, from short activities to full lesson plans, for teaching kids and adults.
  • articles on aspects of teaching,
  • teacher development and teacher training materials

We have dedicated website offering learning resources for adults and children

The British Council does not recruit on behalf of local authorities or support individuals seeking employment in the UK. You can get information on teaching in the UK from the four General Teaching Councils, covering

  • how to teach in the UK,
  • having your qualifications recognised in the UK
  • finding a teaching job

Get into teaching.

General Teaching Council for Scotland.

General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland.

General Teaching Council for Wales.

Language assistants from Spain should contact the Ministry of Education in Spain about applying to join the programme.