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There are lots of great learning experiences for teachers in Spain in the coming year organised by British Council and the Teachers Associations in Spain.

In September we kick off the year with our annual British Council conferences on 28 September and we’ll be streaming some of our sessions live so if you can’t make it you can still join us!

To support the UK's chair of the IHRC (The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) in 2014. We have prepared a list of useful resources for teachers.


Course Dates Information
CLIL Essentials Online From 2 February to 26 June 2015  More information
Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching  From 7 November 2015 Introduction to some key concepts in the effective teaching and learning of languages and is a taster to the online Master English Language Teaching developed and delivered collaborately between University of Southampton and British Council.

British Council teacher training online.

Meanwhile don’t forget if you are interested in doing one of our British Council teacher training courses online there are moderated and self access courses running throughout the year on our global site for teachers.  (link to )

Don’t forget that there are plenty of seminars and workshops which you can see at anywhere at any time on our Teaching English site. (Note: all resources on the Teaching English website are free but you need to register to view or download).

The Table - Blind Summit Theatre

Events in Spain

MadridFebruary 4

Moses, is a cantankerous 2 foot high puppet with a cardboard head who lives on a table. He is worked in the traditional Japanese style of Bunraku puppetry by three excellent artists. And he’s got a problem. All he ever gets asked to perform are fairy tales for children’s birthday parties, and he’s fed up with it. He wants to prove he is a serious puppet. He’s an artist! So tonight, for one show only, the table is his and he is going to perform an epic story: the 12 final hours of the life of Moses of the Bible.

The Infinitely Variable Ideal of the Popular

Events in Spain

MóstolesFebruary 13

Deller's trajectory is notable for a reflection on British culture and its historical and political contradictions, in the context of a post-industrial and multicultural capitalist society. The selected pieces make evident the manner in which Deller departs from object production in order to give way to collective actions, which arise from within the art sphere, only to later desert it. He presents a critical outlook on artistic means of production and on art's self-referential circuit.

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