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Regional Policy Dialogues 2013-14

  • English for 21st Century Professionals
  • The Role of English in Higher Education: Issues, Policy and Practice,
  • Learning and Teaching English in the Digital Age: Policy and Practice in Europe
  • CLIL Policy and Practice: Competence-Based Education for Employability, Mobility and Growth.
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Word for Word, Palabra por palabra

2012 The British Council together with the Cervantes Institute launched a joint publication: 'Word for Word. The social, economic and political impact of Spanish and English'. The launch was an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on the impact of the world's two major international languages.
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Guidelines for Inclusion and Diversity in Education

2010 These guidelines aim to provide policy makers
and head teachers with a practical framework
and examples of best practice to assist them
in meeting the challenges of inclusion and
diversity in education.
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Running an Association for Language Teachers: Directions and Opportunities

2011 This new publication aims to provide a guide for
exploring new opportunities and directions for
long-established associations. In particular, technological innovations have
opened up the ways in which teachers can
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La acreditación del nivel de la lengua inglesa en las universidades españolas.

2010 A report on the issue of accreditation of levels of English Language in Spanish Universities.
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Managing Change in English Language Teaching

2012 This book is designed to be of practical value and to help all those involved in English language projects, including political decision makers,
educational policy advisers, project and institutional leaders and managers, teachers, and specialist consultants.
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Early Language Learning in Europe

2011 This research project undertook the ambitious task of investigating the effectiveness of the teaching of languages in Primary schools in a range of European countries.
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Going Global: the landscape for policy makers and practitioners in tertiary education.

2010 An essential reader for either a practical or academic insight into the fast developing world of the internationalisation of Higher Education. Topics are varied and include the development of regionally focused responses to opportunity and challenge; the concept of educational hubs; and the recognition by governments of the socio-economic impact of International Higher Education in all its forms. Book available for purchase at Selected free articles available from
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Informe de la Evaluación sobre el programa de educación bilingüe en España

2011 An external evaluation of the Bilingual Schools project.


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Opening Doors report on "Sustainable Chemistry"

2011 Coinciding with the International Year of Chemistry 2011 the workshop brought together senior and young scientists, mostly chemists, to talk and discuss on "Sustainable Chemistry".
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Opening Doors report on "Development: at the crossroads of Systems Biology"

2010 This workshop explored the links between biological and physical approaches to the understanding of developmental processes.
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Opening Doors report on
"Evolution 150"

2009 This workshop covered the broad field of evolutionary biology and marked the 150th anniversary of the publication of "The Origin of Species".