International Legal English Certificate (ILEC)

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What is the Cambridge International Legal English Certificate (ILEC)

Cambridge ILEC is a high-level language qualification for lawyers. English is the common language of the legal profession, and of business in general, so employers need legal staff who can:

  • communicate with clients and professionals in other countries
  • deal effectively with material written in English

ILEC tests your English language ability at the Level B2 and C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference.

Who is ILEC for?

Cambridge ILEC was created to meet the needs of employers and lawyers. If you’re planning to study law and your course has a lot of  English language content, you’ll benefit from ILEC too.

Why take ILEC with the British Council?

Get an internationally recognized UK qualification - We help nearly a million people every year achieve their life goals. In Spain, we have many years experience working with specialist English exams like ILEC. Let our professional team help you on the road to success.

What’s in the exam?

Cambridge ILEC consists of four separate papers testing reading, writing, listening and speaking. The exam is based on the tasks and topics that legal practitioners can expect to encounter in their daily working lives. We offer the ILEC every month throughout the years - you will get your results approximately 6 weeks after taking the exam. Find out more about the exam and how to prepare for ILEC.

How to Register

Registering is quick, easy and flexible. Register for your ILEC exam.

Useful Links

ILEC – official Cambridge exam site.