International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE)

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What is the International Certificate In Financial English (ICFE)?

The Cambridge ICFE is a high-level qualification that will help you demonstrate that you have the language skills for a successful career in international accountancy and finance. The exam is set at levels B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) and assesses language skills in the context of finance and accounting.

How can ICFE help my career?

As a finance professional, you already know that English is the language of international business. Now, developments such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) open up more international career opportunities to you. If you want to make a career in the world of finance, you will need excellent English language skills and the ability to confidently communicate within the international business community.

Why take ICFE with the British Council?

A million people take exams with the British Council every year. In Spain, we have many years’ experience working with ICFE and other specialist Cambridge exams. We provide pre-exam support and a professional and efficient service to make your exam day run as smoothly as possible.

What’s in the exam?

The ICFE consists of four separate papers testing reading, writing, listening and speaking, which together last under four hours. The tasks are based on tasks and topics that finance professionals would expect to encounter in their daily lives, such as: financial reporting, insurance, investment banking, ethics and professionalism, accounting software, assets and company valuations and acquisitions and mergers.

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