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General English - Adults

General English - Adults

CEF guide reference

<B2 - C2>CEF Guide Reference

Course type:

Academic Year


30 h


De A1.2 a C2.2




921 434 813

We offer English courses at all levels, from Elementary to Post-Proficiency,to help you improve your English language and communication skills. Our courses give you a solid foundation in English and will help you:

  • develop your skills in varied classroom activities and practise integrating the four language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - using a variety of classroom activities and up-to-date authentic material
  • improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with useful language acquisition techniques
  • practise your oral fluency and speaking in English through pair and group work, with your teacher monitoring your performance
  • reflect on your progress through assessed tasks and individual counselling sessions

Our communicative approach encourages all students, even beginners, to take an active part in all lessons. The courses build on each other, so you can start at the level suited to your ability and work your way up.